Sigenics has supplied turnkey, customer-proprietary solutions for Industrial/Aerospace applications.  Here are some examples of completed projects:

Mil-std 883 Screened ASIC Devices

Sigenics designs and delivers a considerable annual quantity of custom devices used in military and commercial aircraft communications equipment.

S5800 Class E controller Chip

We designed this device for our own use in supporting our medical telemetry projects. This  resonant power converter controller IC chip generates a high-intensity magnetic field to transfer power and data wirelessly. This chip operates at a very high efficiency, and is capable of generating several amperes and hundreds of volts on an exciter coil. Sigenics originally developed this power management chip to wirelessly power its implantable medical devices.  There are additional commercial applications for the wireless power including magnetically powered passive medical implant, RFID transponder readers, battery chargers, and short range magnetic data communications.

For more information, refer to the Data Sheet.

High-Voltage Micromirror Driver

Special design techniques were used to develop this chip, which drives the micromirrors in a DLP video display.

Large Channel Count LCD Driver For a Plain-Paper Display

Plain-paper displays are used in devices such as ebooks.
ereader plain paper display

LED Backlight Power Controller

This power converter chip allows a low voltage battery to light up the screen of a mobile device.

Pin for Pin Replacements

One of Sigenics’ premier services is the replacement of obsolete chips.  This saves the customer the trouble of redesigning and requalifying his entire system.  Sigenics has done pin for pin replacement for a high-frequency amplifier made on the obsolete AT&T/Lucent CBIC-V2 process. We also designed a pin for pin replacement for an obsolete military audio mixer originally fabricated on a now-obsolete 1974 Hughes process.

RFID Transponder chip

This chip is implanted behind the ear of livestock or pets so that they may be tracked with an electronic serial number.

Nanopower Security Chip

Sigenics designed this chip to detect package intrusion into classified electronics packages. When a package with the security chip is tampered with, the chip utilizes the energy in the battery of the package of detonate a small explosive charge to destroy the classified electronics within.  The chip runs continuously for multiple years to protect the integrity of classified material.

Foveated Vision CMOS Imaging Array ASIC for NASA

This camera for a satellite can scan a large area in short amount of time and thus rapidly obtain detailed pictures of a partial field-of-view.

High-speed CMOS Imaging Array (camera)

This camera imaging chip was fabricated on a Chinese process for an industrial customer.

Float sensor chip

This chip allows a wireless process control device to monitor the levels of oil or corrosive material in a storage tank.