A custom integrated circuit in your product will help protect your intellectual property and reduce size, power and assembly cost.  Starting with your specification, we deliver small to medium production volumes of your custom device to only you.  Sigenics becomes part of your engineering team, starting with your device specification and continuing with delivery of your tested production ASIC devices. (ASIC: “Applications Specific Integrated Circuit”)

Circuit and system design expertise:

  • magnetically-coupled wireless systems
  • low power analog sensor signal processing
  • high voltage and high current drivers
  • non-standard fabrication processes and post-processing
  • Obsolete part replacement

Applications experience:

  • implantable, magnetically powered medical devices
  • biomedical telemetry  systems
  • interfaces to neural recording and stimulating electrodes
  • drivers for electrochemistry
  • analog power line drivers and receivers
  • low power, high gain precision amplifiers
  • platinum or gold over aluminum metallization

Fabrication experience:

We have relationships and experience with over 12 foundries and multiple process in these foundries:

  • 0.18 micron to 10 micron CMOS (up to 70V)
  • RF bipolar
  • High-Temperature CMOS
  • Automotive BiCMOS
  • High-voltage bipolar (to 500V)
  • Radiation-hardened military CMOS
  • Post-process exotic metallization of wafers