Project Flow

The following is the Sigenics ASIC design flow process, from concept to production:

  1. Our customer identifies Sigenics as a capable partner and contacts us.
  2. A Mutual NDA is executed if necessary.
  3. Our customer  describes the desired effort to Sigenics using a device specification, circuit schematic or other description of the desired device functionality.
  4. Sigenics prepares a quotation for the design effort.  The manner in which it is quoted depends on the nature of the design and the customer’s preference.The effort may be quoted in its entirety, or the project may be broken into in phases (i.e. Feasibility Study, Design Phase, Testing Phase). The “bottom line” may take the form of either a fixed price, or as actual costs with a maximum quoted limit. Terms, schedule and deliverables are usually specified in the quote, along with any other items the customer or Sigenics may require to clarify our mutual expectations.
  5. Next, the project follows this ASIC design flow (hover over for more information):